Commemorate the best moments of your life

Host professional events or enjoy your time with friends and family on Lili Marleen. Celebrate success, create lasting memories, and surround yourself with the spectacular views of Langkawi. Our tall ship conveniently accommodates up to 150 guests.

Options to choose from: Day Cruise, Sunset/Evening Cruise, Overnight


Say yes with class

Witness two hearts unite as one and sail away aboard the luxury ship. Lili Marleen provides an ideal setting for extravagant cruises. Guests can choose to stay the night in our classical European furnished staterooms and catch the stunning sunrise the following day.

Stateroom: Total 25 rooms with a maximum of 50 guests


It be goin' to be a ride 'o a lifetime

Come gather ye pirates-self on board Lili Marleen to exerpeicen th' life 'o a scurvy pirate. Set sail, walk th' pank, 'n have a stress-free getaway on our private beach served with' BBQ midday meal 'n activities.

Sailing Date: April - December 2016